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Athlete of the Week: Burlington City’s Jada Atchison


Burlington City Senior “Jada Atchison” gives an inside view of what the game is like from beneath the rim. Click here to see the interview…


02 2015

Watch: Taylor Nelson of Piscataway hits half-court buzzer beater!


02 2015

Brown and McDonough Help FDU Remain Unbeaten!


PURCHASE, N.Y. –The No. 1 FDU-Florham women’s basketball team sprinted to a 20-point halftime lead and held off a second-half burst from the Manhattanville College Valiants for a 104-91 victory in Freedom Conference action at …
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01 2015

Janaysia James (Guard/Forward) The Road Not “Often” Chosen

Nay Nay

Janaysia James is a sophomore junior college player that took the alternate route to her dream and it is certainly paying huge dividends! A standout player for the past two seasons at Dean College, James is looking to continue her athletic and academic career at a four year school. Like so many of the players James was not a highly sort after player coming out of middle school. Not many could see the talent and potential that was hidden deep inside. Not letting anything or anyone stand in her way this kid simply leaned into the head wind and began working on her came and her studies. By the time she had gotten to her sophomore year of high school everyone knew who she was and recognized her athletic talents. Standing approximately 6 feet tall she is the proto-typical college guard that coaches dream of coaching. Follow Janaysia James as she helps to lead the Dean College Women’s Basketball team on their journey towards a championship.

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01 2015

Jackie “J-Rod” Rodgriguez Makes Huge Impact At William Patterson University

William Patterson vs Ramapo College

Meet the Pioneers: Jackie Rodriguez (Women’s Basketball)


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01 2015

Brown and McDonough in “College Corner”


Check out a short feature on No.1 FDU-Florham women’s basketball team’s Shalette Brown and Alyssa McDonough in Jerry Carino’s “College Corner”. …Read More +


01 2015

Several FBC Defenders Players Among Best In New Jersey

The FBC Defenders have several players listed among top new jersey players statistically! Click here to see entire list

Lauren Holden, Lower Cape May, 11-331-30.1
Marina Mabrey, Manasquan, 14-377-26.9
Haley Parks, Delsea, 12-305-25.4
Kelly O’Reilly, Montville, 11-279-25.4
Ziykara Hicks, St. Mary (Eliz.), 10-235-23.5
Kat Phipps, St. Rose, 16-375-23.4
Jada Atchison, Burlington City, 12-279-23.3
Sabrina DeFreese, Dwight-Morrow, 13-299-23
Sydney Morang, New Providence, 13-297-22.8
Janean Cuffee, Lawrenceville, 7-159-22.7
Gabrielle Harris, South River, 14-313-22.4
Icies Hammer, North Bergen, 12-267-22.3
Amanda Lavigne, South Amboy, 13-289-22.2
Morgan Bartner, Morristown-Beard, 13-287-22.1
Janelle Mullen, Hun, 13-284-21.8
Blair Watson, Nutley, 9-193-21.4
Yasmine Robinson-Bacote, Hillside, 14-298-21.3
Jess Kovatch, Phillipsburg, 12-254-21.2
Kiante Johnson, Lincoln, 10-210-21
Marajiah Bacon, Neptune, 12-252-21
Samantha Hines, Ferris, 13-272-20.9
Leishly Reyes, Wildwood, 12-246-20.5
Alex Kerr, Montclair, 13-265-20.4
Tara Lynch, Newton, 12-244-20.3
Kyiarah English, East Orange, 12-242-20.2
E’mazhane Livingston, Technology, 10-201-20.1
Amanda Carney, Old Bridge, 12-241-20.1
Jihayah Chavis, University, 12-241-20.1
Aliyah Stephens, Paul VI, 12-240-20
Latricia Adams, Barringer, 11-219-19.9

Kat Phipps, St. Rose, 16-89-5.6
Blair Watson, Nutley, 9-40-4.4
Lauren Holden, Lower Cape May, 11-35-3.2
Sarah Skeith, Dumont, 17-53-3.1
Katelyn Kuster, Central Regional, 9-28-3.1
Amanda Carney, Old Bridge, 12-36-3
Carly Rice, Pennington, 12-36-3
Jihayah Chavis, University, 12-36-3
Julie Carey, Midland Park, 12-35-2.9
Natalie Miller, New Milford, 14-40-2.9
Deanna Duran, Passaic Valley, 10-28-2.8
Gabby Greene, Howell, 12-33-2.8
Liz Elder, Millburn, 12-33-2.8
Erica Dwyer, Hun, 10-27-2.7
Tyquasia Peterson, Trenton, 12-32-2.7
Kelly O’Reilly, Montville, 11-29-2.6
Alisa Giordano, Wood-Ridge, 13-34-2.6
Samantha Famulare, Freehold Township, 14-36-2.6
Cash Cannon, Linden, 9-23-2.6
Tamara Sellers, Woodrow Wilson, 11-28-2.5
Natalie Stralkus, Peddie, 15-38-2.5
Frankie Cherasaro, North Plainfield, 10-25-2.5
Brielle Hilbert, Wallkill Valley, 14-35-2.5
Victoria Zayas, Cardinal McCarrick, 12-30-2.5
Caitlin Roche, Immaculate Heart, 13-32-2.5
Cherie Smedlie, Saddle Brook, 11-27-2.5
Taylor Jakuc, Ridgefield, 12-29-2.4
Zoe Hahn, Kingsway, 12-29-2.4
Cassandra Falone, Chatham, 12-29-2.4
Nysha Vega, Perth Amboy Tech, 12-29-2.4


Player, School, Games-Assists Total-Assists Avg
Zaria Butler, St. Mary (Eliz.), 11-95-8.6
Deanna Burbridge, Mahwah, 11-82-7.5
Erica Junquet, Monroe, 12-86-7.2
Marvellous Osagie-Erese, East Orange, 12-78-6.5
Katie Kinum, New Providence, 13-76-5.8
Angel Osagie-Erese, East Orange, 12-70-5.8
Emely Rosario, Marist, 11-62-5.6
Elle Cimilluca, Bishop Ahr, 13-73-5.6
Shannon Thomas, Arts, 11-60-5.5
Samantha Kramer, Gill St. Bernard’s, 12-65-5.4
Lauren Holden, Lower Cape May, 11-59-5.4
Maddy Smith, High Point, 11-59-5.4
Tania Scott, Hudson Catholic, 13-69-5.3
Andrea Garcia, Leonia, 11-57-5.2
Ciarah Bennett, Woodrow Wilson, 13-67-5.2
Jihayah Chavis, University, 12-60-5
Che’kasha Andrews, Long Branch, 14-69-4.9
Daniella Echevestre, Kearny, 9-44-4.9
Andie Lennon, Secaucus, 13-63-4.8
Taylor Nelson, Piscataway, 13-61-4.7
Jess Louro, St. Rose, 16-73-4.6
Tierney Goetz, Southern, 12-54-4.5
Isabelle Catabran, Newark Academy, 9-40-4.4
Amanda Lavigne, South Amboy, 13-57-4.4
Jasmine Luciani, Newton, 11-47-4.3
Shyasia Pridgen, Patrick School, 15-64-4.3
Sihana Asani, Boonton, 12-51-4.3



01 2015

A Soldier’s Journey


I honestly did not know what to name this blog post or how to even start it. For this particular story I think it’s necessary to start from the beginning to understand where I am now.

If you know me all throughout high school I’ve been plagued with injuries. All injuries happened around my basketball season. The only time I really got to play and get better was in AAU season, which is something I definitely do not regret and am so thankful for. Fast forward to the summer of sophomore year in college, Saint John Fisher College, I worked so hard. The coaches gave me a couple goals for me to reach and I surpassed all of them. One of the biggest goals was to get rid of a nagging limp & knee brace (ACL injury). I was able to kick the brace and run normally. I became much faster and stronger, and it was very noticeable to everyone. I began the season off strong but as we continued I started to fizzle out. Of course, I became disappointed with myself (for anyone who knows me I am my biggest critic). There was a lot of miscommunication amongst the coaches and I, and whenever I looked for answers there were none given. It was as though the coaches were afraid to talk to me and would dance around problems, when I all wanted was the clear truth. Needless to say, throughout the season I reverted to the old me. Class of 2012, some of my best friends to this day, they know the old me. The old me was the player that Coach Stone and I both despised because of her bad attitude. I stopped caring. I stopped working hard in practice. I was always mad and started to dislike my coaches and anything basketball related. My attitude was always coming onto the court and followed me off as well. Ultimately, I did not like the person I was becoming and the source of all my anger and frustration was tied to ball. I no longer was excited and I hated going into the locker room. I withdrew from my team and I could not give basketball my full energy and devotion. I hated it and anyone who saw me play could see the same. I felt like I had accomplished my goal of playing college ball so I thought it was time to put the ball down.

At the end of the season the coaches held meetings with all players individually to discuss the past season as well as moving on for improvements for the upcoming season. Sidebar, if you know me you know I am not afraid to speak my mind when it comes to how I am feeling—especially if you are an authorative figure. I listened to everything my coaches had to say and I agreed and nodded when it was necessary. When the tables turned and it was my time to talk I blatantly told them, “at this point in time I’m not sure if I want to play ball next season”. As you grow older you understand and realize that effective communication is absolutely necessary for any relationship to be functional. When I told them about the frustration and anger, to my disappointment they were genuinely surprised. I reminded them of the times I tried to talk to them but never got clear answers and they were embarrassed. I felt so good walking out of the meeting because they helped me put the ball down, but more so I accepted it and was fine with it. I remembered calling Coach Stone in tears saying that I didn’t want to be here anymore and he reassured me that everything was going to be fine and we would both start looking. Accepting that I was not going to play anymore I decided to put all my energy into academics (mom was thrilled). I applied to Syracuse University because they are one of the top schools in America for my major, Communication/Journalism. I’ve always wanted to get into broadcasting and I believed that Syracuse would provide me with opportunities that St. John Fisher College could not.

The summer of my junior year was fine, but everyone was constantly talking ball around me. Everyone wanted to know why I just stopped. Some people could not believe it and others felt like I was not done, but I told them, that I am done with basketball. People pressed me to try out for the basketball team and I thought that was insane and wrote it off every single time. The first couple of weeks of school I would see athletes walk around and feel stick to my stomach. I envied them, to be honest I did not like the feeling of being a “normal” student. My thought was that I would try to be as close to basketball as I possible could since I would not be playing it anymore. I interviewed to become a manager for the women’s team. During the interview the director of operations and assistant coach asked about my past basketball history. From that interview the director eventually introduced me to the head coach and we all worked through some paper work to make sure that I’d be able to join the team.

Throughout most of the first semester I’d manage the team’s practice as well done my own workouts within the facility. The coach would watch me from his office whenever I was shooting by myself or working out with someone else. He would check on me and ask if all my paperwork was taken care of and I would explain what I was waiting for, the details, etc. For a period of time nothing was happening, so I thought they were disinterested. The director of operations approached me one day and said you will no longer need a try-out you will have a practice loop in the locker room waiting for you tomorrow. December 15, 2014 I had my first practice with the Syracuse Women’s Basketball Team. I was proud of myself and was emotional after practice. Sophomore year of high school the dream was to be good enough to play college ball. Summer of senior year I tore my ACL. Freshman year of college I’m playing basketball. Summer of junior year I hated basketball and did not care to pick it up again. Now, this is the beginning of my second semester at SU and I’m playing basketball for a top division I program. Because I transferred to the university this year I am not allowed to suit up or travel with the team, but if you’re looking for me, catch me on the in my blue travel suit at the home games (:

Who knows what’s in store for me the next year, but I do know I am very grateful to be apart of the organization and humbled, honored to be given a second chance at the sport that I love. I am blessed beyond measure and proud that I can call myself a student athlete once again. The whole point of my story is that you must appreciate your journey, wherever you may end up. Don’t worry about the end game because life never goes as planned and sometimes that may even be a blessing in disguise. When one door closes another door is opened somewhere, you just have to find it and when you walk through that door you have to believe in yourself, or no one else will. Dream big and work hard, impossible is nothing.

Soldier out,

Aliyah Parris, Member, Syracuse Women’s Basketball Team


01 2015

Taryana Kelly sets career high with 19 rebounds against Savannah State!


Yesterday (01/17), the squad prevailed to victory over the Savannah State Lady Tigers, 61-50, inside the Hytche Center. A team effort contributed to the victory as all eight Lady Hawks scored in the game.


Savannah State opened the second half on an 8-0 run to trim UMES’ halftime lead, 31-24, but the Lady Hawks responded. After a made jumper by Moengaroa Subritzky (Auckland, New Zealand), Jessica Long (Fort Washington, Md.) nailed a three-pointer to push the lead back to double-digits, 36-24. The Lady Tigers made another run as they went on a 12-4 spurt, 40-36, with more than 10 minutes remaining. Over the next four minutes, UMES outscored the Lady Tigers, 9-2, and continued to hit clutch shots in the final six minutes to win, 61-50.



Long and Shawnee Sweeney (Chester, Va.) led the Hawk attack. Long had a game-high 14 points, five boards and three assists. For the Virginia-native, she recorded 10 points while shooting 40-percent (2-of-5) from beyond the arc.

Other notable Hawk performances included Taryana Kelly (North Brunswick, N.J.) posting nine points and a career-high 19 boards, including 13 offensive rebounds. Subritzky racked up nine points, four rebounds and a team-high four assists. Fellow newcomer Shauntesha Bryant (Syracuse, N.Y.) made her first collegiate start while collecting eight points and four boards in the win.



01 2015