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EOY Celebration 2009!

FBC Defenders AAU Club


EOY Celebration 2009

Where: Green Hill Manor Club House, 3453 Route 27, Franklin Park, NJ 08823

When: August 16, 2009        Time: 3:30 – 6:30 p.m.

RSVP by August 8, 2009 – (include # guests)

Dinner will be served promptly at 3:45 p.m.!


07 2009

US Invitational (Penn State) Day 3- View from the bench

Hello Fans! Today is day 3 of the tournament and the team is really struggling! I can only tell you that at the half the team was down 35 to 11. The second half was just as bad as the team is struggling right now to get and maintain a rythmn. Final score was 61 to 25, next game at 4:10 p.m. in the White Bldg. Pray for us PLEASE!

Written by: Srednefed, Ghost Writer


07 2009

US Invitational (Penn State) Day 2- View from the bench

Hello Fans! it’s me again, Srednefed, coming to you with today’s games. The defenders played two games today with a lot of similarities and very different results. First game of the day was against the Wescon Fillies. Once again the team started out slowly and somewhat anxious. It would seem that for a team called the Defenders this club wants to be known more for their offense than defense. The team tried to compete with the Fillies shot for shot while playing a rather helter skelter type defense. Unfortunately for the defenders the Fillies loved to run the floor and when they set up simply spread the floor for the drive and kick. Believe you me this made for a very frustrating first half that only saw the defenders take a slim halftime lead. During the halftime break the team got a rather spirited reminder what allowed them to blow open their first game yesterday. D-E-F-E-N-S-E became the focus of the second half and once coach was able to find a rotation that worked the team coasted to a nice victory.

Of course the second game of the day against the NEPA Flames was a whole different story. Unlike the first two games the defenders came out on the attach. This strategy proved to be a good one as they took an early lead in the first half suggesting that this would finally be the game everyone expected from the defenders. But alas it was not to be as the subs were not able to maintain the same level of intensity, focus, effort, and consistency. It seemed that with every substitution there were periods of good play but just not enough consistency to maintain the lead and thus the momentum. A stretch of unforced turnovers, scrambling defense, and lack of intensity, and a willingness to give up rebounds and 3s doomed the game from around the 9 minute mark in the first half through the end of the game. There were stretches of good play and bad play but probably the single most dissappointing thing that I noticed was the giant step backwards as a team. This team has an M.O. of ‘whenever things get tough they turn on each other’. Today’s second game was no different. I sure hope they find a way to pull it together but just looking at how the girls are segmented into their own little groups this does not seem likely.

Tomorrow is another day as hope springs eternal! Goodnight Fans! Thanks for tunning in, see you back here tomorrow with what I hope is a very exciting report!



07 2009

US Invitational (Penn State) – View from the bench

Hello Fans!

Today the FBC Defenders took the floor in the opening game of the Blue Chip – US Invitational at Penn State University by defeating the Buffalo Storm! The game started as if the Defenders were going to crush the Storm by executing their offense to get several open 3s and fast break layups. But after a 7 minute span of sluggish play and tons of unforced turnovers the Defender found themselves in a heated battle at the end of the first half. For some unknow reason the team just could not find it’s rythm offensively and the defense was just plain nonexistent! During the 3 minute half time break, the coaching staff  pleaded with the team to settle down and play defense, Defenders Defense! Still a bit out of sorts to start the second half and a few lineup adjustments the team finally hit is stride and was able to blow the game open behind a tenacious defense and much needed patience on offense.  With a better effort in the second half the team cruised to their first win in the tournament and their next game tomorrow at 10:20 a.m. Stay tuned for more following tomorrow’s game!…….


07 2009