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Fall Recruiting Season Starts With A Bang For Defenders!

The Defenders finished up a very successful summer season with their annual celebration banquet! The well attended event provide players, coaches, families the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of the spring and summer seasons while refocusing for the upcoming fall and winter seasons. 2010 graduates are now busily working their way through the fall recruitment season as they narrow down choices for schools (goodluck all). They are feverishly replying to emails, calls, letters as well as planning their on campus visits!  September 1st marks the kick off for the 20011 graduates as emails and letters began flowing to Defenders players at 12:01 a.m. and continued throughout the day and evening! As college coaches rushed to be first contacting prospects the FBC Defenders players found themselves at the top of many coaches lists. Over the next several weeks players will be responding to coaches and gathering more information on schools. What an exciting time!

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