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Thanksgiving, Tryouts, Cuts, Season!

This is my most favorite time of year! Thanksgiving marks the reclamation of family and friends while giving all the praise to the almighty! The day after Thanksgiving is special to me because that marks the beginning of the high school season in NJ! Yes it is the time when all the talking, promises, pretending, is exposed by the reality of what truly is and is not! Years ago the defenders adopted a phrase which at the time signaled our arival on the scene! Today that prase is still the measurement by which all are compared! If you are a defenders player (current/alumni) and you do not recognize the phrase it’s perfectly alright. That just means you were not a part of the foundation but instead the benefactor of their sweat, sacrifice, and commitment! Their battle cry was and still is today, “It’s Time 2 Represent!” For those who have not made the necessary commitment to skill development, you will now be exposed! For those who made the commitment but did not honor the path/process, you will be exposed! For those who made the commitment and honored the path/process, you will now expose everyone else! If being great is your dream then now is when you make it happen! Let’s show all that being a member of the defenders was the best thing to happen to your game!

No excuses, just get the job done!  Best of luck to you all!

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11 2009