A Rolling Stone!

On a sunny, hot day, Coach Stone’s team rolled into May with another round at the Rose Classic in Brooklyn.  It was beginning to look like the team would not get a game in on Saturday morning, May 1st, as game time rolled around and only 4 Team CEO  players were in the gym.  The Defenders benefitted from the tardiness of the other team, as they were spotted 26 points — 1 for each minute that Team CEO was late. The game was also shortened by the same number of minutes, so the teams played a little over a full half.  At the start of the 4th quarter, the Defenders were leading 41 -4.  With one minute left in the abbreviated game, the lead was extended to 56 – 15.  We finished up with a 58 -19 final score.

Mrs. Stone commented after the game that “coach didn’t have to work as hard today, but the girls didn’t come in like it was a game!”  We need to see the same intensity despite the game situation.   High scorer of the game was Janissa at 8 points, with Jas pulling down 5 rebounds in the contest.  Shari had the high for assists, with 3.   Let’s keep those wins rolling in for the rest of May!

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05 2010

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