J&J Showdown I – Day 2 – Gm 3

F. Dickerson University: FBC DEFENDERS (Frederick) vs USA, New Brunswick N.J. Game#1
5/2/2010 3:30pm

Today Frederick team had an boost, adrenaline rush from Stones team with Jasmine Walker scoring first 2 points of game, she made first 2 foul shots and first 2 steals of game. Defenders are working hard, making point for point, and leading game by 7 points. The first 3 pointer was made by Shari. What a competitive start. Going into half time, Defenders are up 2 points keeping the pressure on the defense. Jasmine Walker in the second half performed a coast to coast, stealing ball and running down court for lay up, WOW. Janaysia James with second 3 pointer helped set tone. Good Show Ladies!!!

Tip: Team, eye movement must rotate with ball at all times, using peripheral vision, know where the ball is at all times. Remember coach is your eyes off the court, he or she can see details that you can not, because they see the whole court and each player, AH HA. Learn fast to listen what coach says, because they are your third eye, seventh sense on the court, WOW. Remember you have an extra set of eyes with basketball knowledge built in, YOUR COACH!!! Do not be afraid to ask Questions!!!

Coach’s corner: Coach Nicole – Great intensity and energy in this game, good job pushing ball up court. More shots taken today then previous games, we did not defer to other teams ability. Over all improvement good, still lots of work needed. Practice, Practice, Focused Practice!!! Good Job Ladies!!!  Coach Frederick – We are playing better as a unit, we have some work to do. Very happy and proud of team, Doing a Good Job!!!

Game Stats: Final Score 41 to 34
Jasmine Walker – 11 pts. / 2 foul shot pt. / 1-3 pointer / 1 steal / 0 blocks
Janaysia James – 5 pts. / 0 foul shot pt. / 1-3 pointer / 0 steal / 1 blocks
Shari Jones – 5 pts. / 0 foul shot pt. / 1-3 pointer / 0 steal / 0 blocks
Shalette Brown – 4 pts. / 0 foul shot pt. / 1 steal / 2 blocks
Brittany Vick – 3 pts. / 0 foul shot pt. / 1-3 pointer / 0 steal / 0 blocks
Karalyne Brown – 2 pts. / 0 foul shot pt. / 0 steals / 0 blocks
Jasmine Lytle- 2 pts. / 0 foul shot pt. / 0 steal / 0 blocks

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