J&J Showdown I – Day One – Gm 2

F. Dickerson University: FBC DEFENDERS (Frederick) vs FAST BREAK, Staten Island Game#2
5-1-2010 6:15pm

What a second game, defenders showed up with force like a Mighty Storm and as a team working the floor. The Fast Break was a very aggressive and physical playing team, defenders maintained cool attitude and focus in game. Defenders played competitive basketball scoring basket for basket at one point, it seemed to be a different team. Janaysia James scored first point of game at foul line and scored first 2 points of game. Defenders rallied keeping score within 5 points and advancing in second half.  Janaysia James led team at half with 5 points, half time score 10 to 18 Defenders trailing close. Brittany Vick scored first 3 pointer of game, setting the team on fire. Good Game Ladies, Your On a Streak!!!

Tip: Defenders zone into game, follow ball on offense and defense make sure you know location of ball at all times. The opponent never gives you time to think on offense, because they are in your face playing defense. Copy them, play in there face defense, when you return pressure it causes them to turn over ball, remember the game is also about strategy. Read your opponent, know who can dribble, shoot and pass on the opposing team, you can do this within the first 4 minutes of game. Once you know opponent, listen to coach and ATTACK!!! Janaysia James says the game was good and team played better, we did not give up, we are motivated to play, we are going to win together as a team because we are strong. We come very close to winning game. We need to continue working hard. My Team is Tough!!!

Coach’s corner: Coach Frederick – What a game, they have what it takes. All they need to do is continue working hard in practice. We know what to work on, we just need to work harder and consistent on those skills. Good job Team!!! I am Happy. Coach Nicole – They played a very good game, the improvement rate is very good. We have a lot to work on, but we are looking good. Good game Team!!!

Game Stats: Final Score 22 to 31
Janaysia James- 11 pts. / 4 foul shot pt. / 1-3 pointer / 0 steals / 0 blocks
Paris Branker- 6 pts. / 0 foul shot pt. / 0 steals / 0 blocks
Karalyne Brown- 3 pts. / 3 foul shot pt. / 0 steals / 0 blocks
Brittany Vick- 1 pt. / 1 foul shot / 0 steals / 0 blocks
Jackie Gura- 1 pt. / 1 foul shot / 0 steals / 0 blocks

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