J&J Showdown I – Day One – Gm 1

F. Dickerson University: FBC DEFENDERS (Frederick) vs EXODUS New York Game#1
5-1-2010 4:15pm

Frederick team with only five players  started slow, digging themselves a deep hole, maintained there edge (Defense). The pace picked up on offense when high score Karalyne Brown received assists to score six points in a row on the inside. The team started working harder and more intense for a come back. Karalyne Brown felt game was good, there were times she thought team was giving up,  she said her team is strong and motivated to play basketball. Congratulations to Frederick team in the first game of day, they showed strength and will to play basketball running with five players. Jackie Gura scored first point of game at foul line. Brittany Hooks scored first two points of game. Continue  Working Hard Team!!!

Coach’s corner: Coach Frederick – said since Massachusetts we are looking good, progressing as expected. The leader brought them back as supposed to be. I do see improvement and hard work. Keep up the good work Team!!! Coach Nicole – said we showed a lot of hustle and played very well with only five players in game. We are taking more shots then previous , that is a plus, our team like other teams need to work on our shot proficiency. I do see improvement since Massachusetts. We are Progressing. Keep the progression moving team!!!

Game Stats: Final Score 31 to 20
Karalyne Brown- 9 pts. / 1 foul shot pt. / 0 steals / 0 blocks
Janaysia James- 6 pts. / 0 foul shot pt. / 0 steals / 0 blocks
Jackie Gura- 2 pts. / 1 foul shot pt. / 2 steals / 0 blocks
Brittany Hooks- 2 pts. / 0 foul shot pt. / 1 steal / 0 blocks
Brittany Vick- 1 pts. / 1 foul shot / 0 steals / 0 blocks

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