FBC Defenders (Frederick) with 61 – 51 Exciting Win Again NJ Mavericks

FBC Defenders (Frederick) triumphed in an exciting game against the NJ Mavericks in their 2nd game of the Tom Dowd Tournament.  The Mavericks came out of the gate strong to take a 7 – 0 lead, in a game that would see several reversals.  We were down by 2 -12 when Walker hit a 3 to bring the score to 5-12.  That, coupled with a ratcheting up of defensive pressure, was the start of a huge turnaround for the team. The strong defense led to the offense firing up.   Jackie hit a foul shot with 13 seconds left in the half.  The team had an incredible 22 to 1 run finishing the half at 24 to 13.

The 2nd half opened with the Mavericks scoring 2, but Parris answered right away with a bucket.  Aliyah added with a jumper from the corner.  Still, the second half proved to be a nail-biter as the Mavericks chipped away at our lead, bringing the score to 29 to 27 with 9:22 left in the half.  We fought back, with offensive contributions coming from all around, including Parris, Nicole, Brittany, Walker, and Nay Nay(Janaysia) . The team got hot from the outside with 3 pointers raining in.  The team pulled together both offensively and defensively to secure a 61 to 51 win!

Shari was the high scorer with 18 points.  Aliyah had a strong performance on the boards, pulling down 6 rebunds.  Walker had 2 blocked shots.

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05 2010

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