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FBC Defenders (Stone) Open West 4th Street Tournament with a Decisive Win

It was a hot and humid Sunday morning, but FBC Defenders (Stone) opened the West 4th Street tournament with a decisive 41-23 win against the Rising Stars.  Walker grabbed the opening tip and took it in for a layup to start the scoring.  The Rising Stars answered with an outside jump shot for 2, but Shalette soon countered with a driving layup.  Tia grabbed a rebound and put it back up for 2, to put us ahead 6-2.  Everyone contributed with Ashanti hitting outside for 2, then a 3, followed by  Shari sinking a 3.  Walker hit for another 2, followed by another 3 from Ashanti which closed out the first quarter at 19 -5.

While the offense was clicking, the tough defense was even more impressive.  The Defenders were executing extremely well on defense, maintaining their composure in the face of some rough play and trash talking at the Cage.  Tia was a dominating presence in the center, with a block that stopped the Rising Star’s attack.  Janean had a steal, which she promptly turned into a layup and 1!   We finished the first half with a solid 26-7 lead.

The strong D continued in the 2nd half with Walker and Shari tying up the opponents with a jump ball.  Shalette blocked a shot, then converted an inbound pass for 2.  We did start to slow down in the latter part of the game, no doubt a result of the oppressive heat and playing short-handed with only six players.  Walker closed out the game with a 3 to bring us to the final 41-23.


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FBC Defenders(Stone) Have Strong Showing at the 2010 GymRat Challenge

FBC Defenders(Stone) team had a strong showing at the 2010 GymRat Challenge at Sienna College, Albany on Saturday June 19th.  The team secured 2 wins, but lost their third match-up in a dramatic battle againtst Ring City City Elite.

Game 1 – 1:25 PM vs Saratoga Sparks

Both teams seemed to get off to a sluggish start in the early minutes of this game, with the Defenders suffering from a lack of rebounding at both ends of the floor.  Things started to get moving when Janissa got a 2 from outside to make the score 2-5.  Shalette grabbed an offensive rebound and put it back up for another bucket.  This was followed by a turnaround jumper by Tia, to put us in the lead 6 – 5.  The score stayed close, as Walker hit a three to tie it at 12-12, then a 2 to tie again at 14-14.  The turnaround seemed to come after a strong defensive effort resulted in a 5 second  call on an inbound play.  With two 3-pointers from Janissa, and another from Ashanti, we ended the half ahead 25 – 17.  The second half got off to a good start with Walker contributing offensively with a basket, then defensively with a monster block that was “all ball”.  Janissa hit for 3 to bring the score to 30-21.  We had a long scoring drought after that, allowing the Sparks to get a little too close at 32-30.  Walker then hit a long three to give us some breathing room at 35-30, followed by Shalette grabbing an offensive rebound and getting a basket.  Ashante took off on a fast break, put up  a shot, with Janissa trailing and cleaning up for 2.   We finished with a final score of 39-35!

High Rebounder – Walker with 5. High Scorer – Janissa with 14. High Assists – Ashanti with 3. High Blocked Shots – Shalette with 3.

Game 2 – 5:45 PM vs Bay State Demons

We had another competitive game against the Bay State Demons for our 2nd matchup of the day.  Walker started us off with a 3-pointer to put us ahead 3-0.   Shari hit a pull-up jumper, followed by another 3 from Walker bringing us to 8-5.   The offensive contributions were spread around, with a Aliyah contributing a 2 from under the basket, and a jumper from Tia at the foul line which took us to 14-9.  Never content to work from a lead, we let the Demons back in the game as they came back to take the lead 14-17.  Shari put up a 3 to tie us up, then had a steal which she threw ahead to Shalette, who used an impressive spin move in the lane and took it to the hole for 2, putting us ahead by 19-17.  Ashante tipped the ball away for a steal, drove to the basket and was fouled.  We closed the first half out 24-19 after Aliyah muscled up under the basket to get a bucket.  The second half was neck and neck, giving the spectators some nail-biting moments in the stands.  We managed to get enough offensive contributions from different players to pull out a 44-41 win.

High Rebounder – Erika with 5.  High Assists – Shari with 4. High Blocked Shots – Shalette with 1.

Game 3 – 9:00 PM vs Ring City Elite

Ring City got started with an 0-4 lead, in what would become a close battle all game long.  Aliyah got us started, making 1 of 2 from the charity stripe, followed by a 3 from Shari to tie us up at 4-4.  Walker was fouled driving to the basket, then made 2 of 2 to give a a 6-4 lead.  Aliyah contributed with a 2, followed by a give and go between Shari and Shalette, “n” 1 bringing us to 13-13.    Ring City got the lead up to 13-19, but we battled back as  Walker drove through traffic for 2, and Shari passed off to Tia in the lane, who made the shot to bring up to 17-19.  Ring City extended their lead to 17-23 with just 2:29 to go in the half, when Ashante hit for 3, and Walker made 2 foul shots to close out the half just down 1 point at 22-23.  The second half started off with Janissa making a 3 to put us ahead 25-23.  Ring City kept up their offensive pressure and the game stayed close.  Defenders started raining 3’s with Ashanti, Janissa, Erica, and Walker all making shots from outside the arc. but Ring City was able to answer with shots of their own.  They started to pull ahead, and with the Defenders purposely fouling in the waning minutes, the final score was 41-52.   It was a hard fought game with 2 good teams!

High Rebounder – Tia with 6. High Scorer – Janissa with 14. High Assists – Walker and Janissa with 2. High Blocked Shots – Shalette with 1.

It was an enjoyable tournament, with the added fun of a team dinner at “Smokey Bones” – thanks Defenders!  A special shout-out for the added family support from Aunt Christina (Walker Family) and numerous Parris family members who came to cheer us on!  The team extends Happy Father’s Day Wishes to all the dads, and grandads  in the program!


06 2010

News Update – Frederick Douglas “Annual Just Say No To Drugs Basketball Tournament 2010”

The 2010 Defenders program will once again participate in the Frederick Douglas Summer league at 104th & Columbus Ave this summer. League play begins on June 26th and the actual schedule should become available late next week. Stay tuned for more details!!!


06 2010

News Update – Nike W. 4th St High School League

The 2010 Defenders program will once again participate in the W. 4th Street league this summer. League play begins on June 26th and the actual schedule should become available late next week. Stay tuned for more details!!!


06 2010

GymRat Challenge Schedule Posted

The GymRat Challenge tournament information, schedule, directions, admission, etc has been released. Check the games calendar under schedule of games for a list of FBC Defenders game times. For more information on the tournament go to  GymRatChallenge Website


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