FBC Defenders (Stone) Beat Hunterdon United to Capture 4th Win at Penn State Blue Chip Invitational

Another 100 degree scorcher for our third day at Penn State, and the Recreation Center couldn’t have been hotter for our fifth game, this time facing a fellow New Jersey team: Hunterdon United.  The first few minutes of the game were all Walker as she hit for three consecutive 3’s.  More offense rolled in with an assist from Shari to Shalette, who finished with some shake-n-bake in the lane for 2.  Ashanti snatched a steal, went down the floor for 2, and followed up with a 3.  We were off to a good start at 16-5.  The team was executing well on defense, with Shari up top, using her feet.  Walker had a great hustle play diving on the floor and coming up with the ball.  Shalette was playing strong in the post, pulling down rebounds.  Even Shari got in there, fighting for a rebound, then put back, got the foul, made 2 of 2.  Janissa got in on the trend, ripping a rebound away from a taller defender.  Jenean hit for 2 from outside, followed by another 3 from Walker.  The half ended with Defenders leading 30 t0 20.

The parade of 3’s continued into the 2nd half with Shari hitting a 3 from the top to extend our lead to 33-20.  Walker drove strong into the paint.  Ashanti hit another 3.  Shalette contributed strong defensive plays with a block and then a steal.  Erika got in there to rebound, went back up, and got the foul.  Ashanti put up another 3 to give us a more comfortable buffer at 41-26.  Shalette continued to go strong to the basket, got fouled, and made 2 of 2.  Janissa got a steal, put up a shot for 3, missed, but Tia was waiting to rebound and put it back for 2.  Shalette picked off another steal and went down the court for 2.  We closed the game out at 49-30, with a total of nine 3’s.  The team will play a final game on Thursday at 11:30 to determine a 9th or 10th place finish in the Southern Bracket.  Go Defenders.

High scorer was Ashanti with 13, closely followed by Walker with 12.  Ashanti had the high with 5 assists.  Shalette had a high of 8 rebounds.  Tia had 2 blocks.

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07 2010

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