FBC Defenders (Stone) Defenders ERUPTS at W. 4th Street with Stone on Bench!

It is a hot & steamy summer saturday morning here in NYC as people begin to gather for what would ultimately become HISTORY for a team (and small program with only 2 teams) that seems to somehow show up 10 out 10 times wherever they go. In today’s me, me, me, take what I can world of aau basketball this would seem EXTREMELY odd but yet very refreshing if true. Well believe me it is absolutely, positively, TRUE. The FBC Defenders all arrive in new york this day ready to play there late morning game like they have so many times in the past. Parents and players gathering as if they are in their backyard preparing for a family function. Exchanging hugs and pleasantries like siblings all ultimately making there was to the matriarch of the program. Is this real? Some might think it’s not but for this program it is because of one primary founding principle. The FBC Defenders are a family through and through. Know that and NEVER doubt it, cause for EVERY family that it touches, they do KNOW it is ABSOLUTELY true.

here at the Cage, a world famous venue sitting in village next door to the Blue Note. The bustle picking up now the Defenders are finally up, gametime. Now at the cage fans all know when the Defenders play it will be an exciting game. Especially since they have this extremely dynamic coach who always seems to come with kid never seen before who just erupts at some point in a game. Win or Lose! It is amazing to watch and so the fence outside starts to pack.  The refs call for captains, little minute check, jump ball and the game is on. As the Positive direction team come out they jump on the Defenders from the start. A little startle the defenders take a quick blow but survive it. Remember now that’s nothing for them. Why? Because that who they are and they know it is NOT over yet game just started. Staring into the eyes of one of the Pd players is a kid that really looks like she should be at the short somewhere hanging. But what THEY don’t know is she is smoldering. Up the floor, down the floor they go. And them all of a suddden that same young lady does a quick body check. AM I FEELING, YES, IS IT TIME, HECK YEAH, you see had been asked that at key times in games before by her coach. BUT TODAY SHE IS NOT WAITING FOR HIM. Today it would be her who decides. At that moment she demanded the ball and BANG! Rain a 3333333333! On her way back she thought, that felt good. O crap you guy are in trouble and you don’t even know. Then all of a sudden she smiled. Now running the point for the Defenders is Ashanti Bess. Serving at point due to the abscence of the talented Shari Jones who normally starts. Now Ashanti has been working with Coach Stone to get her mentally to a place where she can KNOW she is a beast. Today she is there so looking this teammate of hers she sees it and thinks OMG. So next few position she is pass her the ball EVERYTIME she can. Who is she? Only the FBC Defenders Rose Classic famous Janissa “let id rain” Delzo!!!!!!! And for a short while at west fourth the sun was out but Janissa began to just make it RAIN 3s. Before the other team could realize the Defenders were right back in it and the team called time. Yelling at her team not to relax the coach made a critical mistake. She told her team not to let up until up by twenty. Bad move as the Defenders heard that and it was OVER!

Final Score FBC Defenders 59    Positive Direction 41    GAME OVER!

High Scorers Jasmine “ol skool” Phelps with 14 pts, Shalette “The Beastie” with 10pts and of course Janissa “Rain” Delzo 10 pts, Tia “Paryana” Kelly 9 brds 4 blks, and final Ashanti “you don’t know” Bess 7 dimes.

Now I know the coach so thought why not say hello. To my surprise the team was coach by Jamine “big pretty smile” Lytle currently the single most hearlded Defenders player of ALL time and sitting quietly on the bench with her making her coaching debut was MRS BRENDA STONE, the coaches wife. OMG!

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Coach Stone

ohn E. Stone, founded the FBC Defenders AAU Club in 1999 to provide opportunities to girls who were looking to develop their basketball skills in order to become an impact player on their high school teams. A player himself in the late 70s and early 80s Coach Stone got his start in the game playing organized basketball for Harold Galloway (wheel chair bound since graduating high school) in a newly created recreational league in Bishopville, South Carolinna. Coach Galloway would guide Stone’s basketball develop from grades 5-10. Joining the varsity team as a junior point guard, it was Coach Ennis R. Bryant that would mold this young lad into one the best point guards in the conference. Whatever contributions to young lives Coach Stone has been able to make can be attributed to the values and principles instilled in him by the above mentioned mentors. They kept him off the streets and in the gym therefore allowing him to become the first high school graduate in his household! God Bless coaches Galloway and Bryant! Education: * Master of Science, Computer Science Technology, Steven Institute of Technology, 1985 * Bachelor of Science, Mathematics, Fayetteville State University (cumlaude), 1982 * High School Diploma, Bishopville High School (2 in class of 158), 1978: Collegiate Academic Honors Undergraduate: * OUTSTANDING YOUNG MEN OF AMERICA, 1982 * Who’s who Among American Universities & Colleges, 1981-82 * FENG Scholarship Award, 1981-82 * Armour Food Academic Achievement Award, 1980 * Cambrigde, England World Honors, 1979-80 * National Dean’s List, 1978-79 * Dean List, 1978-81 * Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated Scholastic Award, 1980 * Observatory Res, Adv, Bd 1980-81 * Math Club President, 1980-81 * Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated, Served President or Vice President, 1980 -82 * Pledged Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated, Spring 1980, #1 on the line, Line Name “Computer Games” * Alpha Kappa Mu National Honor Society, 1981 * Distinguished Service Award, Alpha Kappa Mu, 1981-82 * Beta Kappa Chi National Scientific Honor Society, 1981 Achievements: * Coach of Year - Franklin Recreational 6-8 Girls Travel Team 1999 - 2007 * Franklin Township Recreation Commendation for Girls Basketball (1999 - 2008) * Founding Father of the Franklin Young Girls Basketball Parents Club, better know as FYGB Parents Club in 1999 * First WNBA Coach Of The Year New Jersey Nets market , inagural jr nba / jr wnba campaign 203, nominated to committee anonymously by Franklin Recreation in order to reward for years of voluntary service to all the township community activities for the children. (By the way, that same year a player on my team was select runner up to the finalist, that means second to national player, who is she you ask, non other than Alexis Scott. a part of one of the most dynamic duos ever to exist for the defenders. DUO! Yes the other young lady is Jacinda Dunbar, FIRST two D1 players in Defenders HISTORY! Now, run tell THAT!) * Founding Father of the Nationally Acclaimed, Franklin Therapeutic Basketball Program, otherwise know as the Franklin Thunder, so aptly name by John Stone in honor of his cousin, Darrelle Moses of Bishopville, SC who has a mental disability. Awarded Franklin Township 2 Proclamations in open session of council meeting by mayor John Clyde on November 13, 2001 for Thunder Program. * Proclaimed Franklin Township “2003 HOMETOWN HERO” awarded a proclamation at UNITED WAY OF CENTRAL JERSEY HOME TOWN HEROES banquet by mayor Willis “RICKEY” Sumter. * Proclaimed “Man Of Thunder” by the Franklin Township Recreational Department in recognition for his tireless dedication to the Therapeutic Thunder Basketball Program. * Founding Father of the Franklin Defenders, so apply named in the honor of a women who influence my life more than she will EVER possibly know. God bless you MOM. * Owner Operator of the FBC DEFENDERS a proud tradition of young lives being molded into bright, successful, productive young women. Players playing at such schools as Quinnipiac, LaSalle, Kean, Georgia Court, Spellman, College of NJ, Ramapo, RU Newark, NJCU, Montclaire State, William Patterson, etc. Yes ladies it was me. The current group of ladies in the program are ready to SHOCK the world! All because they simply trusted and BELIVED. All will see just watch these SOLDIERS Of STONE. * 2006 Youth Advocate Of The Year Award, Somerset County Youth Service Commission

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