FBC Defenders (Stone) Split Two Games at West 4th Street

FBC Defenders (Stone) had 1 win and 1 loss today at the Cage in the West 4th Street tournament.  The Defenders took the first game agains the Brooklyn Saints with a final score of 55-34.  Walker scored the first 7 points for the team, then inbounded to Shalette under the basket who put it up for a bucket.  Shalette went on to score 6 more points, ending the quarter at 15-10.  One of the Saints players went down with an injury, and they were forced to play the rest of the game with 4 players.  We continued to spread the offense around, with Walker and Shalette driving and making plays, Ashanti hitting for 3, and Jenean contributing at the foul line.  Janissa hit off the glass for 2, and Tia had a rebound, put back, and foul.  We were ahead 45 to 25 at the end of the 3rd quarter.  The 4th quarter started with Shari finding Ashanti, who took it in for 2.  Shari grabbed a steal, and Jenean pulled down a rebound and put it back for 2.  We continued to work on defense, with Shari forcing a 10 second turnover.  We closed out the game strong, finishing at 55-34.  Shalette was the high scorer with 22, and high rebounder with 12.  Ashanti had 5 assists and 3 steals.

It looked as though the weather might not cooperate for the 2nd game against Lady Xnen, with a few raindrops starting to fall when we tipped off at 11:45.  The game started with turnovers from both sides, and we looked like we needed to settle down.  The game stayed close in the early going, with the half ending with Defenders down by one at 23-24.  The game got increasingly physical, and we seemed to lose our way in the 2nd half.  Unfortunately, we never found our way back and we lost 36-54.  Shalette and Walker both had a high of 10 points, Tia had the high of 11 rebounds, and Ashanti and Walker both had 2 assists.

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07 2010

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