FBC Defenders (Stone) Win 2 more to Sweep all 4 Games at the Metro Classic Tournament

FBC Defenders (Stone) won 2 more games on Sunday at the Metro Classic to go 4-0 for the tournament!  The day started early with an 8AM game against the Hornets from Rockland County, NY.  Shalette scored first, followed by a rebound from Shari, dribble down the court, and pass off to Walker for 2.  Shari got a steal, drove, missed, but Ashanti was trailing and put the rebound back in for a bucket.  Ashanti grabbed a steal, then dished to Walker who went in for 2.  Shalette scored again in the paint to put us up 10-2.  Tia made her presence known in the paint, getting fouled, and made 1 of 2.  Ashanti put up a 3 attempt, Tia rebounded and put it back for a 2.  Shalette followed with a rebound and put back for 2.  Walker jumped  a pass, drove to the basket, and got the foul.  The offense was on a roll, with Ashanti passing to Shalette for a basket, and Walker hitting on a 10-foot jumper.  Ashanti had a layup and foul for a 3-point play.  Janissa stepped into the lane and put up a jumper.  Jenean hit from the corner.  Shari had a pass ahead on a fast break to Janissa, who took a hard foul.  Shari pulled down a rebound, and got a put back for 2.  Jenean got a strong defensive rebound.  We ended the half ahead 36-20.

The Hornets were playing the game with only 5 players, and with the oppressive heat, it had to be especially difficult.  That may have been a factor as the half opened with the Defenders getting seven steals from Walker, Shalette, Shari, and Ashanti, which resulted in 11 points.  We were up 53-21 with 11 minutes to go in the game.  Jenean did a little shake-n-bake into the lane for 2. Erika went strong in the final minutes of the game, getting 8 points.  We won the game with a final score of 73-31.

High Scorer was Shalette with 18, Jenean had a high of 7 rebounds, and Ashanti had 6 assists.  The steals were evenly distributed across the team!

The second game of the day was against JAC Elite from Canada, resulting in our first international win!  The game started off with both sides turning the ball over.  Janissa scored the 1st basket on a steal.  Walker got a loose ball and went the length of the floor for a 2.  This was followed by an assist from Walker to Shalette who put it up for a 2. We had a few misses, and with 8:50 left on the clock, we were down by 1 at 6-7.  Walker got fouled and made of 1 of 2 at the line.  Shalette got a steal and passed off to Jenean who went in for 2. Shalette had a block, and Ashanti grabbed the deflection and ran down the court for 2.  Walker had another assist to Ashanti who fired for a 3.  At the end of the half, we led 16-14.

The second half started with a steal from Ashanti, and an assist from Walker to Janissa for a quick 2.  Janissa passed off to Walker, who had a beautiful drive to score 2.  Walker then fed a pass to Shalette, who drove, missed, got her own rebound and put it back for 2.  Walker got a steal and went coast-to-coast for a 2.  With 11:07 left in the half, the Defenders were still in the lead at 25-20.  Ashanti, with her quickness, went down the court for 2, and then had an assist to Janissa who also scored.  The girls were tired, but working hard as a team, getting rebounds and preventing the other team from making baskets.  With only 4:35 left in the second half, the score stood at 34-22.  Jenean got an offensive rebound and went up strong for a 2. With good pressure from our girls, we frustrated the other team to the point that they started to complain that the calls were one-sided.  We finished the game with a final score of 36-34.

Shalette and Ashanti both had the high of 9 points. Shalette had the high for rebounds with 11.

With this win, FBC Defenders (Stone) went 4-0 at the Metro Classic Showcase at Caldwell College, in Caldwell, NJ. We are now on a winning streak of 8 games in a row, and 12 out of the last 14!

Special thanks go to Mrs. Walker for her excellent work as the reporter for the second game today!



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