FBC Defenders (Stone) Win 2nd Game at Metro Classic 52-29 Against Higher Ground Warriors

Our 2nd game at the Metro Classic Tournament was against the PA Higher Ground Warriors on Saturday afternoon.  Our first offensive possession began with a series of shots, misses, and rebounds under the basket until Shalette put it through the hoop. The Warriors then scored 3 in a row to make the score 2-6.   Shalette followed that with a drive to the basket, foul, and made 2 of 2 to bring us to 4-6.  A long three by Walker put us ahead by a point at 7-6.  After that, we would hold the lead for the rest of the game.  Ashanti put up a 3-pointer, and Walker passed in to Tia down low for 2.  Tia snagged a rebound and put it back in the basket.  Tia grabbed another rebound and passed to Ashanti who went for 2 and 1, to bring the score to 19-13.  We had strong defensive play as well, with Walker jumping a pass for a steal, and Shalette stuffing one, which deflected to Walker who then went down the court for a basket.  Shari got in to take a rebound, and then passed to Janissa who hit a 3.  The team then had a gorgeous defensive set which left the Warriors offense completely frustrated.  It culminated in a drive to the basket in which Shari took an offensive charge.  The girls really took to heart the “DEFENSE” sign of a certain fan!  Jenean and Erika must have been inspired with their tenacious defense.  Walker went down the lane and put up a floater which rolled in for 2.  Janissa hit a jumper, and then got right to work on defense forcing a travel.  Walker had another walk down the lane for 2.  Shalette pulled a ball out of a Warrior’s hands and went down the court for a basket.  We ended the first half ahead 33-15.

Walker kicked off the second half with a 3. The team continued to move the ball around as Ashante passed in to Shalette for 2, and then Shari passed to Ashanti who hit a 3.  Shalette had another drive, foul, and hit 2 of 2 from the free throw line.  Walker took the ball down the middle and scored.  We continue to do an excellent job of rebounding at both ends.  The game got a little sloppy as time was running down, but we finished with a 52 – 29 final score.

Walker was high scorer with 14.  Shalette had the high rebounds with 10.  Ashanti had 6 assists.

The team has now won six in a row, and ten of the last twelve games playing at premier tournaments.  Go Defenders!  We’re all proud of you.

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07 2010

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