FBC Defenders Stone Win Against Buffalo Storm in their 4th Game, USA Invitational at Penn State

FBC Defenders (Stone) tipped off at 11:30 AM on Wednesday, July 7th against the Buffalo Storm for their fourth game of the Penn State Blue Chip Tournament.  The Storm had a 5-0 run going until Walker drove into the lane, got fouled, and made 1 of her free throws.  Shari had a pass to Tia in the high post and she was fouled on her turnaround jumper, making 2 of 2, to bring the score to 3-5.  This was a sign of things to come, as the refs called an extremely tight game, calling every slight hand check and contact as a foul.  Defenders executed well on defense, forcing the Storm to step out on the baseline and causing a turnover.  Shari continued the foul festival, driving in for a layup and, you guessed it, fouled.  Shalette drove the lane next, and was also fouled.  Walker had a good block on a drive into the paint, followed by a steal by Shari, drive, made layup and 1 (not made).  Ashanti hit a 3 to bring us to 9-5.  The Storm also spent a lot time at the line, and the score was tied up at 9-9.  Shalette was active under the boards, getting her own rebound and putting it up for a basket for 11-9.  Erika had a good defensive play disrupting a pass into the paint.  Ashanti put up a 3, missed, but had Shalette there to rebound it, go up and get the foul, and shoot 2 of 2 from the foul line to put the score to 13-11.  Shari had a pass ahead to Walker who drove in for 2 to make it 15-11.  Janissa’s strong defense forced a travel call for another turnover.  Shari had a drive into the lane, got fouled, and made 2 of 3 to extend our lead to 17-13.  A midrange jumper by Janissa took us to 19-13.  The Storm battled back to get the score to 19-17.  Shari made a pass in to Shalette who put it up for 2 to bring us to 21-17.  Amazingly, we were already into 1 and 1 foul shots with several minutes to go in the half.  Shari had a drive, got fouled, and made 1 of 2 shots.  We ended the half at 21-18.

The second half got started with more foul calls, much to the chagrin of supporters from both teams.  Storm took the lead at 21-22.  We traded baskets, then Shari found Janissa for a 3 to bring the lead back to our side at 26-24.  Walker stole the ball, and went coast to coast for 2.  More seemingly endless foul shooting, until Janissa hit another 3 to make the score 32-28.  Walker had another drive, followed by 2 foul shots, then a steal on an inbound pass.  Ashanti also took a steal and went the length of the court for 2.  Ashanti hit a 3 to bring the score to 39-34.  The Storm kept hanging on, taking advantage of their free throws.  Shalette continued to make a lot of plays under the boards until she fouled out with 5:14 to go in the half.  We started to take advantage of the ref’s close calling by driving more to the basket.  Walker and Janissa both got fouled and made 2 of 2.  Shari was tussling under the boards with the big girls, while Tia got foulded and made 1 of 2.  We had more fouls to close out the final minute, but we came out ahead 47-38.  All the fans would have preferred to see less foul calls, and have the game flow more, but we’ll take the win.

High Scorer and Rebounder goes to Walker with 11 points and 7 rebounds.  Shari and Walker both had high assists with 3 each.  Shalette had 1 block.

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