URGENT – Message From Coach Stone!!!!

All former defenders players, parents, fans, et al!!! If you were ever a part of team or program that he was a part of NOW is the time you have been waiting for in your life. NOW you have the chance to do something for that darn old man you SAY you LUV so Much! So listen up! He has issued a special executive order that reads as follows:

SUBJECT: Recall All Soldiers (past and present)

Mission: Launch of a brand you Brigade!!!!

When: TBD (around mid august)

Report Destination: You will be notified in writing

Immediate Action: Send the following to commander via email to fbcdefendersaau@gmail.com

Name, yr of service (played), phone, email, us mail, fb, etc, etc, IMMEDIATELY!!!!

Now Go!!!!!!

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07 2010

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