FBC Defenders (Stone) Fall to the NJ Elite 21-31 in Fall Rose Classic

The first quarter of the game against NJ Elite was a low-scoring (4-8) ugly affair, which was unfortunately a sign of things to come.  No one’s game quite seemed “on” as we muddled through to the end of the 1st half, down by 9, with the score at 7 – 16.   The game was still within reach, and as one spectator observed in the stands: “…but for a few of our shots going in, we’d be good to go.”  The NJ Elite was pressing hard the whole game, and we weren’t handling it all that well.  We had way too many turnovers.  We were also hampered by our free throw shooting, which was just not up to our usual standards.   

On the bright side,  Shalette had some key rebounds and drives, with a spin move thrown in.  Walker was able to corral an errant pass going out of bounds and knock it off an Elite player.  Tia had a short jumper for 2. Ashanti had several assists to Shalette, helping Shalette  rack up the game high 13 points.  Jenean got into the paint and got fouled, and Shari came up with a steal. The positive takeaway from the game was that we continued to play hard, especially in the waning minutes of the 4th quarter.  We will continue to work hard in practice on overcoming our deficits.

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10 2010

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