Jarae Farrell joins the Vassar basketball program.

jaraefarrellFarrell joins the Vassar basketball program from Piscataway, NJ and is in a situation unique from any of her teammates. In August, while preparing for her upcoming season, the Timothy Christian School graduate tore her ACL. Naturally devastated (she missed only one game in high school due to injury), the road ahead seemed impassable for this young college freshman. She had surgery on October 15 – ironically the first day of practice. Since then, she has been working just as hard as her teammates to get her knee back to full strength, putting in time outside of the demanding schedule put in place by the coaching staff. Sitting on the sidelines could be a huge struggle, but Jarae has handled it in stride…”I’ve definitely learned a lot about my teammates and basketball in general from watching practice. It’s very difficult not being able to play because it’s something I love doing. My teammates have been a great help though, I’m still included in everything the team does (minus playing), so that helps me get through.” Jarae is excited for Liberty League play, and to see the rewards that will come from all of her friends’ hard work. Jarae will also play a contributing role in the success of the Brewers in 2011. Despite being bound to the sidelines, Jarae does a great job communicating to her teammates, giving them a different perspective, and constantly motivating them. The injury has helped Jarae in ways that go beyond the basketball court. “This injury has taught me to appreciate the things you don’t usually think about being thankful for, and it has increased my desire to play even more. I’ve realized that going about the injury with a positive attitude would make this experience easier.” Jarae choose Vassar because of its outstanding academic reputation, knowing she would be challenged, and of course, to play basketball. “It seemed like the perfect fit for me.” Farrell is thinking about studying Psychology, and enjoys reading and listening to music.

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