FBC Defenders Finish 5-0 at Rose Classic Spring 2011!

Jasmine Walker - North Brunswick HighCongratulations are in order for the FBC Defenders team as it wins the Pacific Division regular season at the Nike Rose Classic Spring 2011 in Brooklyn, NY finishing 5-0! Jasmine Walker a junior guard from North Brunswick High and Janissa Delzo a junior guard from Wardlaw-Hartridge High leads the team at 16 points per game and 8 points per game respectively. Shalette Brown leads the team in rebounds while Taryana Kelly controls the paint and Ashanti Bess leads the team in assist to turnover ratio. The addition of Shaun Stevenson has given the team a true point guard that understands how to get everyone involved while still contributing herself. This has allowed the team to move Ashanti Bess from the 1 to the 2 or 3 position at certain times in a game to take advantage of her quickness on the defensive side and her deep 3pt shooting. But make no mistake, Jasmine Walker has clearly established herself as one of the best players at the Rose Classic this year. She is doing whatever the team needs from scoring to rebounding to defending. Follow each player’s performance on the stats page at http://www.fbcdefenders.com/teams/2011-team-stats-stone/

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05 2011

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