Brown awarded “Franklin Academic and Sports Foundation” scholarship award!

WilmingtonCollegePlease join the FBC Defenders family as we congratulate our own Karalyne Brown, heading to Wilmington College this fall, on being the recipient of the Franklin Academic and Sports foundation scholarship for 2011! This award is given to deserving seniors who live in Franklin Township and attended Franklin High School. The foundation’s Chairman, Leon Hughes, says that the award is intended to help ease the rising costs of college education for Franklin Township families. Mr. Hughes a long time supporter and advocate for young people in the township has worked tirelessly over the years to provide extra activities and opportunities. Raised in Brooklyn, NY himself Mr. Hughes understands how easily distracted young people can become without the presence of positive influences. He is dedicated to providing ways for  those who are willing to work hard and maintain high academic standards some needed assistance.

Congratulations Karalyne! You are so deserving and we, the FBC Defenders Family, are so very proud of you!

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07 2011

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