Defenders finish 5-1 good enough for 3rd place in a field of 64(Pacific Bracket)

CONGRATULATIONS to the defenders program as they pulled together to make it to the final 4 in the Pacific Bracket at the 2011 US Invitational at Penn State! In the semi-final game the defenders finally lost one but that is not the real story of the game. They started with only 5 players against the Team Cisco from Quebec City Canada (11 players).  At the half the defenders were down by only 3 pts and Team Cisco realized they were in a dog fight. The start of the second half proved that the defenders were there to win it all but with 10 minutes left (16min half) a player fouled out of the game! Determined to fight until the end, cause that is what defenders do, the FBC Defenders switched to a diamond defense (with only 4 player eligible) and for the next 6mins 30sec the score differential was never more than 5 pts. Can you believe that?! But with 3mins 30sec left in the game fatigue finally overtook the defender and they eventually lost the game by 13pts. On that day the team showed everyone why their head coach refers to all players in his program, he is the founder, as SOLDIERS!!! Yes they lost the battle, but they WON the war! Stay tuned as the player stats will be posted on this website shortly…

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07 2011

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