Destination US Invitational @ Penn State

To all FBC Defenders players and family, FBC Defenders Frederick (Altlantic Division Bracket III) and FBC Defenders Stone (Pacific Division Bracket I) the program will view the NCAA video together on Tuesday  @ 12 noon, Multipurpose Building (down the hill from Bryce Jordan Ctr) on Penn State University campus. Please go to BlueChip Basketball website for details on admissions, schedules, rules, campus map, site locations, parking, etc. Everyone please park in the big parking lot adjacent to the Bryce Jordan Ctr and be sure to get your parking pass to display in your window from your coaching staff. This is the only lot designated for tournament parking. Park anywhere else @ your own risk!

PLEASE NOTE: US Invitational Tournament is bracket play. Because of that style each time you play a game the team you are facing will have the exact same record as you. Also it means that each time you play a game, your next game is determined by whether you win or lose. If you lose you move through the bracket to the left, if you win then you move to the right.  After your second game it becomes more difficult to track your progression without looking at the bracket layout. Because of that the game schedule on the website is somewhat tricky to follow. Please be sure you print the bracket files for your team’s division prior to getting to Penn State. It will just make your life so much easier for the week, promise.

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