FBC Defenders Help Make A Dream Come True!

On Nov. 20th 2011,  The Dream House Foundation was partaking in a home makeover for a woman and her children in Union, New Jersey. This family was struck with a life changing event. The mother of three children found out that her two youngest children Noelle and Mike, who are twins, have a degenerative muscle disease. Understand that these two children did not have this problem at a younger age. Unfortunately it has caused them to become depend on wheelchairs for mobility.  When the Dream House Foundation came to see the house the family was told that the twin’s rooms would be getting a makeover. Little did they know that the whole interior of the house would be made over from the wall to floors and the appliances to the tabletops. Several people from the FBC Defenders Organization (Marisa McCabe, Coach Nicole Lilenfeld, and Coach Stone) came out and gave a helping hand in a project that was right in their backyard. This may be just community service to some but we looked at it as an opportunity that may never come again and a chance to be impactful in the community beyond the basketball court. Life lessons are not just figured out by living life but by helping those around you. Do not let the Thanksgiving season be the only time of giving but let it be a lifestyle.

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