Defenders Suffer Tough Loss 5/6/2012

FBC Defenders – (Coach Stone) suffered a tough, 2 point loss to Pittsburgh Rockers this past Sunday. The Defenders returned to the Rose Classic’s main stage gym, for a wildly competitive, battle of basketball wit, and athleticism before an electrified audience of about 150 spectators. The resident DJ, humorous announcer, and hip-hop hits blasting through the sound system were not nearly as entertaining as the “on court” action. Defenders watched an 8 point second half lead evaporate in the final minutes of play, when the Rockers were able to take their first lead since the first half, with just 46 seconds remaining. Jackie Rodriguez’ hot shooting from behind the arc was enough to help her lead all scorers with 16 points.  Jasmine Walker, Adriene Small, and Taryana “Tia” Kelly provided plenty of “wow” moments for the electrified, crowd with exceptional all around play – finishing with 8, 7, and 6 points respectively.  Alyssa McDonaugh also delivered a solid performance with 2 points, 5 assists, and 3 steals.

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05 2012

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