Defenders 13U Team Loses to CAS Panthers

The Defenders 13U Team (Brown) suffered a character-building loss to the CAS Panthers from Harlem on 05/13/12. The Panthers started with a 9-0 lead in the first quarter. The Defenders countered with a three-point shot by Alex and Aahmira following up with a steal and a score. In the second quarter, Roshanna scored two foul shots, but this was not enough to slow down the Panthers who continued with three-point shots. Imani was available for a number of fast breaks, but the team was not able to capitalize. Aahmira had a number of strong moves inside and a second quarter score on the fast break. Alex continued to hustle off the rebound.

In the second half, Alex showed the crowed the three-pointer is her shot. Imani made a steal, then scored after the offensive rebound. Unfortunately, the Panthers were able to see the Defenders needed to communicate more and were able to pass the ball to the open player for the score. Shaunna scored with a layup then inside with an assist from Aahmira. Brianna hustled and was successful in preventing the fast break layup. Final Score: Panthers 47-18

Lessons learned from this game: Watch what the other team does repeatedly and make adjustments. Box out and rebound. Look for an opportunity for the outlet pass. Continue to have strong moves inside and do not let the defense read your passes.

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