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Defenders Leave “Battle Of Baltimore” Victorious!

Hello faithful Defenders family and fans! Today the program returned from the Blue Chip ‘Battle of Baltimore’ Tournament Victorious as all three teams(Williams, Frederick, Stone) each took on all challengers and emerged first in their pools! The weekend began on Sunday with the FBC Defenders 14s (Williams) bursting onto the scene with two (11:30am, 1:50pm) early victories in the morning competition. Inspired by the tone set by the young “SOLDIERS” the afternoon would feature the 16s and they did not disappoint. Later in the afternoon sessions it was the 16s(Frederick and Stone) and they each took the floor in their games with absolute focus winning them going away! Sunday was a very successful day with program the going 5-1, but Monday would present some challenges as the competition stiffened and teams had time to scout the program. Competing hard in every game and providing some thrilling finishes the program would ultimately fall going 2-4 for the day but knowing that we WOULD respond on Tuesday. Respond the teams did in a huge way! With only one game for each team on Tuesday the program closed on a 3-0 run to finish the tournament 11-4 overall [14s Williams 4-1, 16s Frederick 3-2, 16s Stone 4-1]! Please join me in congratulating all players, coaches, and parents for a great weekend!

We Are The FBC Defenders aka “SOLDIERS”


07 2012

Defenders get off to a fast start @W. 4th Street!

The FBC Defenders played their long awaited first game of the 2012 season at the legendary Cage @W. 4th St. yesterday and came away with a win. Getting off to a quick start in the game the Defenders quickly established it’s defense and found their shooting range. With Jasmine Lombard, Shalette Brown, and Marisa McCabe controlling the paint from the start, there were a lot of open looks from the outside. With all players being told to just relax and enjoy the moment the team began to hit outside shots with consistency. Alyssa McDonough, playing for the first time at West 4th, showed all in attendance that she belongs. Brittany Vick, who always seems to play well at west 4th, got the team going with a couple quick buckets and never looked back. Everyone got into the game and played extensive minutes! A NYC fan from outside the fence, handball court side, could be heard asking the coach “where the heck is this team from with all these shooters?” The coaching staff did not respond to the fan but instead reminded the team NOT to settle for quick outside shots. They were told to focus on good defense and let that create the offense.

The team’s roster is comprised of players from within the program, some of whom have not played together as a group all season! But like defenders teams of the past this group quickly found it’s stride and coasted to victory. Congratulations to Shalette Brown, Marisa McCabe, Alyssa McDonough, Jasmine Lombard, Brittany Vick, Kenya Adams, Nina Scott, Nicole Burns, Kyra Fox, Ashley Sullivan, Ashley Palmieri, Ariel Donza!


07 2012

Defenders (Frederick) finish 4th overall in Gold Division!

Once again the FBC Defenders arrived at the Blue Chip US Invitational tournament as underdogs in their division. Typical of a Defenders program that has always done well in this event there were a few surprises this time around. The 16U Gold division included 2 Defenders teams with both looking to prove they belonged. Coach Frederick and his team quickly sent out a message to the division that there were there to compete for division title. As they stormed through their opponents they quickly became a hot topic among coaches. Who are these kids? Where did they come from? Over time they realized that these were the same kids from the previous year but with a another year of development (defenders trademark). Soon coaches were following this team’s every movement as they were 4-0 heading into their last two games! When all the dust settled Frederick was lead his team to a 4-2 record and 4th place overall in the division!

Coach Stone’s team came into the tournament with a team of guards and no one over six feet tall. College coaches were stopping by to see what was left after the departure of a highly talented senior class. Well all those who came to take a peek got quite a surprise. This defenders team showcased two extremely talented point guards along with a group of outstanding shooters. Opposing coaches could be heard throughout each contest screaming to their players, ‘every kid is a shooter so don’t leave her’. When the dust settled on this team they managed to finish 3-3 against competition that always featured bigger teams with more players! In every game they played the 3 games that the team lost were all hotly contested until late second half. College coaches seemed impressed and several coaches attended every game the team played…so we shall see how much interest results from the team’s performance.

The final defenders team performing in the tournament was coach Williams’ 14U team. This team made some lasting impressions on coaches as they battled competitively against mostly 15U teams. Several players used this tournament as their coming out party and got themselves on the college coaching radar. The team finished one game with only 3 players on the floor and still almost pulled out the win. The FBC Defenders is a proud program and this team represented the program extremely well.

Player rosters and stats for tournaments and games are posted on the defenders website,, so family and fans can follow their favorite team.



07 2012