Defenders get off to a fast start @W. 4th Street!

The FBC Defenders played their long awaited first game of the 2012 season at the legendary Cage @W. 4th St. yesterday and came away with a win. Getting off to a quick start in the game the Defenders quickly established it’s defense and found their shooting range. With Jasmine Lombard, Shalette Brown, and Marisa McCabe controlling the paint from the start, there were a lot of open looks from the outside. With all players being told to just relax and enjoy the moment the team began to hit outside shots with consistency. Alyssa McDonough, playing for the first time at West 4th, showed all in attendance that she belongs. Brittany Vick, who always seems to play well at west 4th, got the team going with a couple quick buckets and never looked back. Everyone got into the game and played extensive minutes! A NYC fan from outside the fence, handball court side, could be heard asking the coach “where the heck is this team from with all these shooters?” The coaching staff did not respond to the fan but instead reminded the team NOT to settle for quick outside shots. They were told to focus on good defense and let that create the offense.

The team’s roster is comprised of players from within the program, some of whom have not played together as a group all season! But like defenders teams of the past this group quickly found it’s stride and coasted to victory. Congratulations to Shalette Brown, Marisa McCabe, Alyssa McDonough, Jasmine Lombard, Brittany Vick, Kenya Adams, Nina Scott, Nicole Burns, Kyra Fox, Ashley Sullivan, Ashley Palmieri, Ariel Donza!

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07 2012

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