Defenders Soldiers fall to Harlem Wizards in a highly Entertaining event!

Swoop (Harlem Wizards 2012)It was a moderately warm Saturday evening on August 18th when the Harlem Wizards came to town to take on the FBC Soldiers in a much anticipated night of competition, entertainment and fundraising. The Wizards were lead by Dwayne “Swoop” Simpson a former basketball stand out at St Peter the Apostle High in New Brunswick, NJ and five other extremely talented players who brought the audience to it’s feet with trick shots, long range bombs, and thunderous dunks! The Wizards engaged members of the audience with such favorites as the “old” popcorn shower, hidden ball, and razzle dazzle circular ball passing tricks along with many other fan favorites. They even got a couple from the audience to dance a jig at half court while Swoop engaged them in a romantic trip down memory lane! Oh yeah and there was actually a competitive basketball game going on in the midst of all this entertainment. The FBC Defenders fielded a team comprised of Alumnae (Chevanie Smith, Danielle Brown, Jacinda Dunbar, Alexis Scott, Jaymee Tucker, Candace Vigo, Christina White, Shalette Brown, Marisa McCabe, Taryanna Kelly, Nina Scott, Jasmine Walker) and Family (Dion Rogers, Iverson Fleming, Curtis Frederick, Stanley Price). The Soldiers put on quite the entertaining show themselves as they bombed long range shots, split double teams, initiated no look passes, and several alley oops! The coaches for the Soldiers try strategic game plans, creative play call, bribes for the officials, and when all else failed … holding wizards players whenever they took the ball out of bounds but nothing seemed to work! The Soldiers eventually fell to the Wizards in the 4th quarter as their size and athleticism was just too much for the team to overcome! Final Score: Harlem Wizards “A Lot” and FBC Soldiers “Not Quite Enough”.


Harlem Wizards vs FBC Soldiers Game

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