Game 1 at Quaker City Challenge – Defenders 16U Handle Renegades With Ease

A few things were evident after watching the Defenders clash with the Renegades on Friday evening at Competitive Edge in King of Prussia.

Janaysia James does not like to share rebounds with others.

Morgan Mitchell and Kadijah Matthews are fast, very fast.

Alyssa McDonough is a beast.

Jackie Rodriguez is a scoring machine.

These are no longer disputable claims. These are facts..

The Defenders showed off their speed, athleticism, and experience against an opponent that seemed to be frustrated from the beginning.  The dynamic duo of McDonough and Rodriguez led the way in scoring but, that is only half the story.  The story here is that the Defenders are beginning to understand their strengths, and perfect their mojo.  Today’s win over the Renegades featured a balanced offensive attack, where six players scored at least six points, and a smothering defense that held a very sound Renegades squad to just 16 points in the first half.  Jackie Rodriguez continued her scoring ways, and led all scorers with 18 points.  McDonough finished with 12.  Kadijah Matthews and Janaysia James both scored 8 points, while Ashley Optiz and Morgan Mitchell each contributed 6 points.  The post game discussion with the team featured a Coach Stone admonishment to not lose focus, and to rest in preparation of Saturday and Sunday’s games.  Stay tuned for more Defenders highlights, and heroics…!

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