FBC Defenders In EVERY Category Of State-Wide Stat Leaders!


Congratulations to FBC Defenders players as they litter the “State-Wide Stats Leaders”! Jada Atchinson (#7 scoring 23.1 ppg), Amanda Carney (#8 scoring 23 ppg), Frankie Cherasaro (#3 3-pointers 3.4 pg), Amanda Carney (#5 3-pointers 3.1 pg), Camille Menns (#9 rebounds 13 pg, ), Taylor Nelson (#12 assists 4.9 pg), Morgan Mitchell (#12 steals 5 pg)

Statistics are compiled from games covered and reported by coaches and team correspondents to njschoolsports.com through Jan. 4. To update stats, coaches and correspondents should log in to njschoolsports.com. Click Here To Read More…

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01 2015

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