An Open Letter To The FBC Defenders

While our daughter only played with FBC for a season, the program had a major impact on how we view AAU sports. FBC will always be in the forefront of what a successful program should strive to be. From Coach Stone down to the alumni who devote their time, FBC is a class act. These are the things that we’ve learned: A great program will always maintain a comprehensive website including successes beyond high school, a great program consistently communicates with players and parents, a great program willingly and eagerly assists in the college recruitment process, a great program does not prowl tournaments looking to siphon off players from other teams, a great program makes a special effort to recognize the efforts of their girls at the end of the season (banquet, trophies) a great program tirelessly gives of itself, and, finally but not least, a great program is made up of men (and women) who honor the uniqueness of each player and inspires them to their greatest potential. You can count on FBC to be all this… and more….

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02 2016

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