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As I reflect on your journey, it has been a pleasure, to have had the opportunity, to watch you grow as person, and player. From the time you were in fifth grade, and wanted to start playing, the game, of basketball. From that shy kid, you were back then, to the laid back, reserved kid, you are now. I remember the day you turned to me, and said,” Daddy, why do people have to come, and watch us play.” I remember you, outside in the driveway, shooting baskets, for hours, until the sun went down. Me yelling out the window, for you to come inside, you can’t make baskets in the dark. Or you going out to the street, to practice your half court shots and I would yell “Girl get out of them streets!!” You’ve always been so passionate, about getting better, and being the best you could be.

When I use to take you to the park, to work out with your older sister, and other older kids, I remember you crying, because you couldn’t make a left hand lay-up. I would say to myself, this is going to be long journey, for this kid. Yes it has been a long journey, but a worthwhile trip, but it has come quickly. I remember calling a good friend of mine, when you were in sixth grade to ask him, did he know of any girls teams for your age group. And he said to me. “Coach what better coach to find for your daughter to coach her than you. “  “There’s enough girls, around town, for you to form a team, for this age group.”  

From that point on, to now, it’s been nothing but growth, from out of you. Out of all of the years, I’ve been coaching; I can only remember a couple of players that have what I call the “IT FACTOR.” That,” IT FACTOR” is that drive, and determination, that puts that person, on another level whatever they’re, trying to accomplish!!  You had the “IT ‘’ on top of the “IT FACTOR”, almost like a perfectionist. I remember you getting upset, about not being able to do drills, for the first time. Also watching you get mad, because the older kids wouldn’t pass you the ball, when running a full court game, of basketball.

As a Dad/Coach it’s been truly a blessing, and a wonderful ride to have watched, and bear witness, to all that you have accomplished, on and off, the court. While it hasn’t always been a smooth ride, it has had a couple of bumps in the road, But all parents, go through bumps, watching their kids, grow into young adults. But me, as one of your parents, wouldn’t change anything, about this ride at all!! Watching you grow into a beautiful young lady on and off the court!! It truly has been a Blessing!! From the man, up above!! Thank you!!  Drea no one knows your journey, like I do, but I told you then, “No One said, this was going to be easy, I said to you, if you kept the course, stayed humble, and stayed focused, in the end, it would all be worth it!!!” All I ask of you, how’s it feel? And has it been worth it?


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