FBC Defenders Take Over Madison Square Garden!

IMG_2368The Franklin Basketball Club (FBC Defenders) would like to thank all who participated and supported our “Defenders @Liberty Game” event! The day was filled with tons of fun filled activities as players and parents were treated to a highly competitive inter program scrimmage game on the garden floor! With Coaches Stone and Donza as the officials for the day, (yeah and they also served as #benchcoach, #towelboy, #waterboy, and concession stand vendor…smile), players were able to go onto the MSG NY Liberty court and play a game! As you can see from the smiles on their faces the players were treated to an experience that will last a lifetime. After the inter-program scrimmage, the players and their families ventured out into Manhattan for a few hours to see the sights and grab a delicious NYC style meal. Once the meal was done everyone met back at MSG in order to get the VIP access to the pre-game shoot-a-round. There they were able to sit court side and  see the NY Liberty and LA Sparks players go through their pregame drills and warm-ups. They learned that many of the drills that the pro players were doing were the same as the ones they themselves are currently doing. Of course the coaching staff was quick to point out that the pro players have been doing these things since they was young girls. Message, you must commit yourself to the work if you want to be a great player someday. Finally, after the pre-game shoot-a-round the players and parents got to see a very exciting game that ended in an overtime victory for the LA Sparks and former NY Liberty/Rutgers University standout Essence Carson. Thanks again to everyone who helped to make this day possible for the program and its players.

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05 2016

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