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FBC Defenders Invade Brooklyn’s Rose Classic 4/29/2012

The FBC Defenders – (Coach Stone) invaded the planet of Brooklyn on Sunday, and managed to fend off a feisty Baseline squad for a hard fought, 52-46 win. The Defenders were led by Jackie Rodriguez’ 11 points, and were bolstered by a balanced scoring attack from Ashley Pina – 10 points, and Alyssa McDonaugh’s 9 points. The Defenders were able to maintain a comfy 10 point lead until late in the fourth quarter when Baseline made their move and managed to get within 2 points of tying the score, before Jackie Rodriguez hit both free throws with 7.8 seconds remaining. The Defenders’ were able to gain control, and finish off Baseline thanks to a relentless defensive effort from Brionna Pettus, Kyra Fox, Nicole Burns, and Ariel Donza.


05 2012

Kelly Selected to 2011 Spring Allstar Team @ Rose Classic Tournament

Taryana Kelly

Taryana Kelly

The FBC Defenders are very proud to announce the selection of Taryana Kelly to the 2011 Allstar team for the Rose Classic Spring Tournament! Taryana played on the FBC Defenders team that won the Pacific Division by dominating the paint on both ends of the floor. Her selection to the allstar team is validation that this 6’2″ post has arrived! The allstar game is scheduled to be played on Sunday June 5th, 3 p.m., at 300 Adelphi Street, Brooklyn, NY.

Congratulations Taryana! We are all so very proud of you!


06 2011

FBC Defenders Finish 5-0 at Rose Classic Spring 2011!

Jasmine Walker - North Brunswick HighCongratulations are in order for the FBC Defenders team as it wins the Pacific Division regular season at the Nike Rose Classic Spring 2011 in Brooklyn, NY finishing 5-0! Jasmine Walker a junior guard from North Brunswick High and Janissa Delzo a junior guard from Wardlaw-Hartridge High leads the team at 16 points per game and 8 points per game respectively. Shalette Brown leads the team in rebounds while Taryana Kelly controls the paint and Ashanti Bess leads the team in assist to turnover ratio. The addition of Shaun Stevenson has given the team a true point guard that understands how to get everyone involved while still contributing herself. This has allowed the team to move Ashanti Bess from the 1 to the 2 or 3 position at certain times in a game to take advantage of her quickness on the defensive side and her deep 3pt shooting. But make no mistake, Jasmine Walker has clearly established herself as one of the best players at the Rose Classic this year. She is doing whatever the team needs from scoring to rebounding to defending. Follow each player’s performance on the stats page at


05 2011

FBC Defenders (Stone) Defenders ERUPTS at W. 4th Street with Stone on Bench!

It is a hot & steamy summer saturday morning here in NYC as people begin to gather for what would ultimately become HISTORY for a team (and small program with only 2 teams) that seems to somehow show up 10 out 10 times wherever they go. In today’s me, me, me, take what I can world of aau basketball this would seem EXTREMELY odd but yet very refreshing if true. Well believe me it is absolutely, positively, TRUE. The FBC Defenders all arrive in new york this day ready to play there late morning game like they have so many times in the past. Parents and players gathering as if they are in their backyard preparing for a family function. Exchanging hugs and pleasantries like siblings all ultimately making there was to the matriarch of the program. Is this real? Some might think it’s not but for this program it is because of one primary founding principle. The FBC Defenders are a family through and through. Know that and NEVER doubt it, cause for EVERY family that it touches, they do KNOW it is ABSOLUTELY true.

here at the Cage, a world famous venue sitting in village next door to the Blue Note. The bustle picking up now the Defenders are finally up, gametime. Now at the cage fans all know when the Defenders play it will be an exciting game. Especially since they have this extremely dynamic coach who always seems to come with kid never seen before who just erupts at some point in a game. Win or Lose! It is amazing to watch and so the fence outside starts to pack.  The refs call for captains, little minute check, jump ball and the game is on. As the Positive direction team come out they jump on the Defenders from the start. A little startle the defenders take a quick blow but survive it. Remember now that’s nothing for them. Why? Because that who they are and they know it is NOT over yet game just started. Staring into the eyes of one of the Pd players is a kid that really looks like she should be at the short somewhere hanging. But what THEY don’t know is she is smoldering. Up the floor, down the floor they go. And them all of a suddden that same young lady does a quick body check. AM I FEELING, YES, IS IT TIME, HECK YEAH, you see had been asked that at key times in games before by her coach. BUT TODAY SHE IS NOT WAITING FOR HIM. Today it would be her who decides. At that moment she demanded the ball and BANG! Rain a 3333333333! On her way back she thought, that felt good. O crap you guy are in trouble and you don’t even know. Then all of a sudden she smiled. Now running the point for the Defenders is Ashanti Bess. Serving at point due to the abscence of the talented Shari Jones who normally starts. Now Ashanti has been working with Coach Stone to get her mentally to a place where she can KNOW she is a beast. Today she is there so looking this teammate of hers she sees it and thinks OMG. So next few position she is pass her the ball EVERYTIME she can. Who is she? Only the FBC Defenders Rose Classic famous Janissa “let id rain” Delzo!!!!!!! And for a short while at west fourth the sun was out but Janissa began to just make it RAIN 3s. Before the other team could realize the Defenders were right back in it and the team called time. Yelling at her team not to relax the coach made a critical mistake. She told her team not to let up until up by twenty. Bad move as the Defenders heard that and it was OVER!

Final Score FBC Defenders 59    Positive Direction 41    GAME OVER!

High Scorers Jasmine “ol skool” Phelps with 14 pts, Shalette “The Beastie” with 10pts and of course Janissa “Rain” Delzo 10 pts, Tia “Paryana” Kelly 9 brds 4 blks, and final Ashanti “you don’t know” Bess 7 dimes.

Now I know the coach so thought why not say hello. To my surprise the team was coach by Jamine “big pretty smile” Lytle currently the single most hearlded Defenders player of ALL time and sitting quietly on the bench with her making her coaching debut was MRS BRENDA STONE, the coaches wife. OMG!


07 2010

Walker Selected to 2010 Spring Allstar Team @ Rose Classic Tournament

The FBC Defenders are very proud to announce the selection of Jasmine Walker to the 2010 Allstar team for the Rose Classic Spring Tournament! Walker played on the Defenders team that won the Pacific Division by leading them in scoring, second in assists, and second in steals. The allstar game is scheduled to be played on Sunday June 6th, 2 p.m., at 300 Adelphi Street, Brooklyn, NY.

Congratulations Walker! You are having a tremendous season!


05 2010