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Defenders (Frederick) finish 4th overall in Gold Division!

Once again the FBC Defenders arrived at the Blue Chip US Invitational tournament as underdogs in their division. Typical of a Defenders program that has always done well in this event there were a few surprises this time around. The 16U Gold division included 2 Defenders teams with both looking to prove they belonged. Coach Frederick and his team quickly sent out a message to the division that there were there to compete for division title. As they stormed through their opponents they quickly became a hot topic among coaches. Who are these kids? Where did they come from? Over time they realized that these were the same kids from the previous year but with a another year of development (defenders trademark). Soon coaches were following this team’s every movement as they were 4-0 heading into their last two games! When all the dust settled Frederick was lead his team to a 4-2 record and 4th place overall in the division!

Coach Stone’s team came into the tournament with a team of guards and no one over six feet tall. College coaches were stopping by to see what was left after the departure of a highly talented senior class. Well all those who came to take a peek got quite a surprise. This defenders team showcased two extremely talented point guards along with a group of outstanding shooters. Opposing coaches could be heard throughout each contest screaming to their players, ‘every kid is a shooter so don’t leave her’. When the dust settled on this team they managed to finish 3-3 against competition that always featured bigger teams with more players! In every game they played the 3 games that the team lost were all hotly contested until late second half. College coaches seemed impressed and several coaches attended every game the team played…so we shall see how much interest results from the team’s performance.

The final defenders team performing in the tournament was coach Williams’ 14U team. This team made some lasting impressions on coaches as they battled competitively against mostly 15U teams. Several players used this tournament as their coming out party and got themselves on the college coaching radar. The team finished one game with only 3 players on the floor and still almost pulled out the win. The FBC Defenders is a proud program and this team represented the program extremely well.

Player rosters and stats for tournaments and games are posted on the defenders website,, so family and fans can follow their favorite team.



07 2012

Defenders finish 5-1 good enough for 3rd place in a field of 64(Pacific Bracket)

CONGRATULATIONS to the defenders program as they pulled together to make it to the final 4 in the Pacific Bracket at the 2011 US Invitational at Penn State! In the semi-final game the defenders finally lost one but that is not the real story of the game. They started with only 5 players against the Team Cisco from Quebec City Canada (11 players).  At the half the defenders were down by only 3 pts and Team Cisco realized they were in a dog fight. The start of the second half proved that the defenders were there to win it all but with 10 minutes left (16min half) a player fouled out of the game! Determined to fight until the end, cause that is what defenders do, the FBC Defenders switched to a diamond defense (with only 4 player eligible) and for the next 6mins 30sec the score differential was never more than 5 pts. Can you believe that?! But with 3mins 30sec left in the game fatigue finally overtook the defender and they eventually lost the game by 13pts. On that day the team showed everyone why their head coach refers to all players in his program, he is the founder, as SOLDIERS!!! Yes they lost the battle, but they WON the war! Stay tuned as the player stats will be posted on this website shortly…


07 2011

FBC Defenders (Stone) Take 10th Place in Southern Bracket at Penn State Blue Chip Invitational

FBC Defenders (Stone) won 4 of 6 games at the Penn State Blue Chip Invitational Tournament to capture 10th place out of the 64 teams in the Southern Bracket.  This was a strong showing in this competitive tournament.  Congratulations to all the girls for this great outcome, and for surviving the brutal heat!

The team played their final game on Thursday against the PSPA Rams.  The game was slow going in the early minutes, and stayed close throughout the first half, which ended with Defenders down by 2, at 26-28.  The team seemed to run out of gas in the 2nd half, with what looked like a lot of tired legs.  We were also done in at the foul line, with a lot potential points left at the line.  The team gave it their all, and even hit a 3 at the buzzer.  But, unfortunately it was not enough, and we fell to the Rams 41-57.

Tia and Shalette shared high rebounds with 11 each.  Tia and Walker had high scorer with 10 points each.  Ashanti had the high for assists, with 5.


07 2010

FBC Defenders(Frederick) The Heart Of A Team! – Through The Eyes Of Their Leader

Hey coach, I hope you’re doing well just keeping you updated with the games. Today we had to play 4 on 4 against the PA Storm. We only scored 2 points in the first half to the storm’s 20 something, during the start of the second half the team was motivated by the parents to hustle and play hard. With the help of Parris J. Branker and Janaysia James to get us scoring, we soon found out that we could actually play a game with only 4 people. I was the teams leading scorer with 8 points, but with 4 or 5 minuets left on the clock Parris J. Branker goes down with a minor knee injury. The game ended 16-33., just as I was geting into a scoring groove, I was upset and then realized that our team was fighting, not only to try to come back and make the game close but to also prove to our parents and coach that we four players have heart and really wanted to play. Today was a good day for FBC DefendersAAU Frederick team.

By Karalyne Brown


07 2010

FBC Defenders (Stone) Beat Hunterdon United to Capture 4th Win at Penn State Blue Chip Invitational

Another 100 degree scorcher for our third day at Penn State, and the Recreation Center couldn’t have been hotter for our fifth game, this time facing a fellow New Jersey team: Hunterdon United.  The first few minutes of the game were all Walker as she hit for three consecutive 3’s.  More offense rolled in with an assist from Shari to Shalette, who finished with some shake-n-bake in the lane for 2.  Ashanti snatched a steal, went down the floor for 2, and followed up with a 3.  We were off to a good start at 16-5.  The team was executing well on defense, with Shari up top, using her feet.  Walker had a great hustle play diving on the floor and coming up with the ball.  Shalette was playing strong in the post, pulling down rebounds.  Even Shari got in there, fighting for a rebound, then put back, got the foul, made 2 of 2.  Janissa got in on the trend, ripping a rebound away from a taller defender.  Jenean hit for 2 from outside, followed by another 3 from Walker.  The half ended with Defenders leading 30 t0 20.

The parade of 3’s continued into the 2nd half with Shari hitting a 3 from the top to extend our lead to 33-20.  Walker drove strong into the paint.  Ashanti hit another 3.  Shalette contributed strong defensive plays with a block and then a steal.  Erika got in there to rebound, went back up, and got the foul.  Ashanti put up another 3 to give us a more comfortable buffer at 41-26.  Shalette continued to go strong to the basket, got fouled, and made 2 of 2.  Janissa got a steal, put up a shot for 3, missed, but Tia was waiting to rebound and put it back for 2.  Shalette picked off another steal and went down the court for 2.  We closed the game out at 49-30, with a total of nine 3’s.  The team will play a final game on Thursday at 11:30 to determine a 9th or 10th place finish in the Southern Bracket.  Go Defenders.

High scorer was Ashanti with 13, closely followed by Walker with 12.  Ashanti had the high with 5 assists.  Shalette had a high of 8 rebounds.  Tia had 2 blocks.


07 2010