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FBC Defenders Announce Basketball Tryouts!


02 2019

Urgent Update – 2018 Tryout Time Changes

Please be aware that there has been a time change on February 25th and March 4th. Tryouts have been pushed back an hour by the facility! The flyer below reflects that adjustment! Thanks for your patients and understanding…Franklin Basketball Club.



02 2018

2018 Tryouts Announced!

2017 FBC Team Announcement!

Congratulations to All Players!

First Practice: March 12, 2017 at All Season Sports Academy, 27oo Hamilton Blvd., South Plainfield, NJ 07080. Times: 13U & 14/15U Teams @4:00pm, 16U Teams @5:30pm.


13U TeamSalma Abovelkher, Gianna Aiello, Chloe Cassidy, Carissa Frederick
Juliana Gibson, Meghan Green, Sabrina Huczo, Olivia Leonard, Isabel Parcells, Skylar Parris, Malvina Sullivan, Kayla Sykes,   [Practice/Developmental: Briana Walters-Ross, Ariana Walters-Ross, Isabel Lim, Lily Velba, Saniya Jones]

14/15U TeamMya Ademilola, Maura Carney, Catherine Gibson, Isabella Gonzalez, Kassandra Griffin, Rahkhia Mack, Saddiyah Pankins, Akira Johnson, Jania Neelon, Megan Santhumawr, Trinity Upton, Taylor Tavernier,    [Practice/Developmental: Amya Edmonds, Grace D’Amato, Christina Crowe, Maia Lee]

16U TeamShavonne Smith, Gabriella Smalls, Rachel Kuhl, Kristina Donza, Mollie Bruggemeier, Bianca Giordano, Shannan Devlin, Inaya Thompson, Alexis Breen, Angelique Holguin, Isabella Girtanner,   [Practice/Developmental: Kelsi Moody, Aniyah Thomas]
16U TeamAmaya Caraballo, Tyerra Bunion, Radaisha Talley, Baiylee Barnes, Briyanah Richardson, Dre’Asia Williams, Eva Gibson, Sage Hunt, Zaniera James, Bianca Nakar


03 2017


The FBC Defenders will hold a “FINAL” tryout for all high school level players (14U, 15U, 16U) on March 7th @8:30pm. The tryout location will be held at All Season Sports Academy, 2700 Hamilton Blvd, South Plainfield, NJ 07080.

Note: 13 year old players (or 8th graders) who wish to play up in a higher age bracket should attend this final session.



03 2017